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KnowledgeHound is a search driven analytics platform that enables anyone to find answers and tell stories with their customer survey data.

of men shower
at night.
of millennials listen to music while getting ready for work.
of women
use their smartphone
as an alarm.

We help the world’s best companies put their research to work

Search for any survey question you've ever asked

KnowledgeHound centralizes your data across any source for easier exploration and analysis.

Upload survey data and insights from any research platform or provider

Explore internal and external research data in one place.

Get the answers you need from your data quickly

Use natural language search to analyze data and discover new insights.

Tag and organize your studies for easier exploration

Enable anyone to easily find the right study that has the data they need.

Find answers instantly from your data

Tired of wasting time looking for answers buried deep inside your documents and reports? KnowledgeHound’s search engine let’s you go beyond documents to pinpoint the exact answers you need straight from your data.

Analyze any question ... any way you see fit

Create custom charts or tables from any question you find inside KnowledgeHound. Our intuitive analytics engine makes it possible for anyone to analyze your survey data eliminating the need for clunky, hard to use statistical software.

Create stories to inspire action

Data is only as powerful as the story it tells. Use KnowledgeHound to combine survey data and information from multiple research studies to tell a compelling story that will inspire others in your organization to act.

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Integrate KnowledgeHound into your enterprise environment

Leverage our Search API to extend KnowledgeHound's survey level results into your favorite business applications.

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