Our Story

While working in Insights at Procter & Gamble, KnowledgeHound’s founder, Kristi Zuhlke, was asked what percentage of men shave in the shower. After days of compiling and analyzing data from various survey data sources she was able to find the answer. But, it was too late.  In the days it took her to arrive at an answer, the team had already made a consumer decision based on gut and her data analysis was irrelevant, despite the massive amounts of money spent on commissioning those past surveys. That was the moment that she realized that the Insights function was falling behind the pace of the business. Kristi investigated the marketplace to see what solutions existed, only to find nothing. The market was in need, and there is no one better to create a solution for a need than someone who once lived the pain, and it was from that pain that KnowledeHound was born.

Our values

Customer obsessed

Our customers are more than just a sales figure. We value those who treat our customers like the dynamic, wonderful people they are and obsess over every interaction we have with them.

Own it

At KnowledgeHound, ownership goes beyond your specific role or title. We value those who exhibit the willingness, autonomy, and discipline to pick up a problem and courageously tackle it head on.

Live passionately

We are a company of individuals who want to take advantage of all that life has to offer. We value people who dare to do more than collect a paycheck, who bring their life experiences to the table, and who know how to stay balanced to maximize productivity at work and at home over the long term.

Team first

We always approach our success and failures as a team. We value those who remain humble and respectful for other people and exhibit a willingness to put the team above their own self interest.

Create, innovate, disrupt

As a company that is on a mission to change the way people think about data, we value those who push themselves to approach challenges creatively. We want disruptors and innovators that aren’t afraid to challenge the status-quo.

Biased to action

We value those who don’t give in to "analysis paralysis" and who focus on moving and delivering fast. We are not afraid to fail and we put pragmatism ahead of unneeded formality.

Be extraordinary

Going above and beyond is a normal way of life for us at KnowledgeHound. We value people who always strive to amaze colleagues and customers by delivering above and beyond expectations, who continuously seek to get better at everything they do, and who exhibit integrity in all their endeavors.

Our leadership team

Kristi Zuhlke
CEO and Founder
Joe Razza
Vice President of Product and Design
Brock Jones
Chief Operating Officer
Laura Baker
Chief Revenue Officer
Director of Happiness

Our leadership team

Kristi Zuhlke
Co-founder & CEO
Joe Razza
Dir of Product & Design
Josh Fosburg
VP of Sales
Nick Hess
Head of Operations
Brock Jones
Director of Marketing