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Announcing our Big Sofa Integration!

We're excited to announce this month the release of our integration with video technology platform, Big Sofa! Customers can now finally explore all of their insights by bringing both their qualitative and quantitative data under one roof.

New Skills Required for the Modern Insights Professional

Insights teams are changing, and quickly! Recently, we ran across a thought-provoking article by Mike Stevens, owner of Insights Platforms, that highlights the transformation taking place inside of many of today's top insights organizations

Recommended Reading for Aspiring Entreprenuers

Interested in knowing which books KnowledgeHound Founder and CEO, Kristi Zuhlke, would recommend to aspiring entrepreneurs? We've posted a short list of her current favorites and why she recommends each.

These platforms make communicating your research insanely easy

We all know how DIY survey platforms have made collecting research extremely easy. But, what do you with the data once it’s been collected? These platforms make it insanely easy to visualize and communicate your insights in highly effective ways.

4 Tips for Communicating Insights for Impact

To find out how to make sure your research leave a lasting impact, we spoke with insights experts about how they communicate insights successfully inside their companies. Here are the four major tips we heard that you should adopt inside your own organization.

Discover the Stories in Your Data

Trying to assemble a coherent story by piecing together data from different research studies is a messy and frustrating process. With the release of Public Stories, you can drive greater visibility to the topics and themes that matter most across your customer research.

5 Signs Your Knowledge Management System Isn't Cutting It

Despite having some sort of knowledge management system in place, most marketing organizations would agree that asking questions of their existing research is still an extremely frustrating and unrewarding process. Here are five signs to look for that may indicate your knowledge management system just isn’t cutting it.

Hitting the Open Road: Spring Conferences

The KnowledgeHound team is on the road this April and May with three upcoming conferences. Interested in seeing if we're coming to a town near you? Get a detailed breakdown of each major event we'll be attending over the next two months.

Explore Your Open Ends with Text Analytics

Analyze your open ended survey questions with KnowledgeHound's new text analytics system. Identify sentiment scores and pinpoint the right responses from any open ended question in seconds.

Analyze your data more easily than ever before

Learn more about the latest re-design for our analytics page which comes withe new ability to combine response options to simplify your analysis.

KnowledgeHound Search API-Open the Door to your Data

KnowledgeHound recently released its Search API, opening the doors to organizations who want to include our survey-level search results in their existing proprietary tools or knowledge management systems

How to Use Color Theory to Improve Your Next Research Presentation

It’s challenging to convey the real world application of complex data to the people who use it. But in marketing, data is meaningless without context. That’s why market research presentations must communicate a clear message and hold an audience’s attention.

Tech Hacks for Market Research: The Narrative Camera

Tech Hacks for Market Researchis a running series where we highlight interesting, thought provoking, and sometimes crazy ideas related to the intersection of technology, brand strategy, and market research.

3 Reasons Why Your SaaS-Based Product Needs a Client Manager

Think of the different software and apps you use on a daily basis: Microsoft Word, Gmail, Facebook. Now think back to when you first started using these programs. Do you remember the exact moment where they became an indispensable part of your everyday life? Probably not.

Why Consumer Insights Managers Make Great Sales People

Over the past six months, I have been working tirelessly to get the sales organization up and running here at KnowledgeHound.

Why web-based search engines don’t cut it for market research

Our recent blog post Why is it so hard to find your past research? discussed why you need a solution that can easily get you to the relevant data point in a document.

Breaking Free

Throughout history, very few industries have been able to survive without embracing new technologies. The market research world is one of the last holdouts in modern society.

KnowledgeHound wins the Tech.Co 2015 Reader’s Choice Award

Wow, thank you, thank YOU! Here at KnowledgeHound we are so grateful to everyone who voted and helped us win the 2015 Tech.Co Reader’s Choice Award.

Who is Best Fit to Solve Knowledge Management in Market Research?

In a world where knowledge is extremely accessible, it’s staggering how hard it is to find existing, reliable data to support business decisions.

Pulling data is a pain in the rear!

It’s no secret that every person inside of a marketing organization, regardless of function, hates the current process for re-examining past consumer research.

The New CRM – Consumer Relationship Management

In 1999, an innovative cloud computing company called SalesForce entered the market with a mission to change the way sales teams store and organize their complex relationships with customers.

Why is it so hard to find your past research?

Just the other day, we sat down with a client to map out the current process their team goes through to find a data point from an existing research study of theirs. Not to our surprise, the process turned out to look like one giant game of telephone.

How Machine Learning Will Impact Market Research

While artificial intelligence (AI) may sound like the thing of science fiction movies, it is actually very real, and it’s taking over many aspects of the way the world operates today, from healthcare to education to banking. One of the newest types of AI is called machine learning, and it will almost certainly end up revolutionizing the field of market research.

Join us at the Innovate Like a Startup Panel Discussion

KnowledgeHound, in partnership with The Garage Group, will be hosting a panel discussion at WeWork Fulton Market on how big companies can learn to innovate like a startup. The event will be held on October 5th at 6pm and those interested can register here!

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