Breaking Free

Throughout history, very few industries have been able to survive without embracing new technologies. The market research world is one of the last holdouts in modern society. The status quo that seems to be blindly accepted by some of the largest companies in the world is rampant with waste and inefficiency. At Knowledgehound, we believe in the democratization of data; simply put, we want to make your market research even more valuable!

Large barriers currently stand between business decision leaders and the data that can mean the difference between success and failure. This can take many forms but everyone has heard the old adage that “knowledge is power” and we couldn’t agree more. It is reckoning day and organizations are realizing that they can no longer afford to store their data in a digital hodgepodge of formats and locations.

Today, many companies start a tedious, time consuming, process every time they need answers about one of their consumers. Employees spend days searching through a haystack to see if a question has already been asked in a past study. Even if the answer is there, they may never find it or they may only see part of the whole picture. This is a costly and dangerous way to make decisions; fortunately, there is a solution…

Knowledgehound’s Data Team loves translating your raw data into plain English. We can accept almost any file and format, turning all of your studies into information that can be quickly acted upon. Imagine how much better your organization could run if everyone on your team could get immediate answers about their consumers! We are even working with suppliers and clients to build better studies that can be even more powerful for our users in the future. Are you ready to break free? If so, request a demo today and see what the future relationship between you and your data looks like.

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