Tech Hacks for Market Research: The Narrative Camera

Tech Hacks for Market Researchis a running series where we highlight interesting, thought provoking, and sometimes crazy ideas related to the intersection of technology, brand strategy, and market research.

For this edition of Tech Hacks, we were inspired by a nifty little camera that we believe has the possibility to revolutionize the field of ethnographic research. Meet the Narrative Camera:

It’s like a mini yet oh-so discreet Go Pro. Moreover, we think it could be an excellent method for helping you collect your next round of consumer videos in a new and innovative way.  

Narrative clips onto to nearly any place you desire, allowing the wearer to gain the ability to record video and snap photos on the fly without having to hold and point a camera at any time. The standard mode of the camera will simply snap a photo every 30 seconds. The new, second generation of Narrative also allows for live video capture. How could this be used for consumer research? We’ve got a few ideas.

Ever wanted to experience a “day in the life” of your consumer/customer? Well, strap a Narrative onto a few willing participants and you’ve just given yourself an incredible opportunity to see into the everyday lifestyle of your consumer.

What about capturing video that documents “real-world” usage of your product?  Many products require both hands to use and would make documenting the use of that product nearly impossible…but not if they’ve clipped on a Narrative. Plus, the purpose of market research is to learn about how the product is being used in its native environment. With Narrative, your customers can now use your product naturally, while also capturing valuable visual data corresponding to it’s use. And because the customer providing this data isn’t being asked to compromise their normal behavior, the video collected has real worth.

Getting to understand your consumer’s behaviors and lifestyle in the most unobtrusive way possible is an incredible way to generate strong insights. Perhaps it would pay to get a few of your customers to clip on a Narrative camera for a few days or weeks and see what new insights emerge. Check out their website here to learn more!

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