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Announcing our Big Sofa Integration!

January 25, 2019
Colleen O'Rourke

We're excited to announce this month the release of our integration with video technology platform, Big Sofa! Their video analytics technology allows teams to explore deep inside the video data behind their consumer research studies more quickly and easily.

This integration will enable KnowledgeHound users to unlock the power of video for market research by enabling them to quickly find answers from their video data. Customers can now finally explore all of their insights by bringing both their qualitative and quantitative data under one roof.

Understanding a complete picture of our consumers requires building a holistic picture based off all the research and information captured. This integration allows KnowledgeHound users to build that perspective in a way that is fast, easy, and simple to share with others. The ability to easily pull together a few charts alongside relevant consumer video to tell a data-driven story is a powerful new feature that will allow teams to ensure their insights get used more often by appealing to both the head and the heart.

Make sure to not miss our upcoming webinar currently schedule for October 25th where we will be diving deeper into this integration and sharing how current customers are leveraging quant and qual research data to achieve powerful results.

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Interested in learning how you can combine your quant and qual data under one roof? Contact our team to learn more about this integration.

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