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January 25, 2019
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Let's face it. Trying to assemble a coherent story by piecing together data from different research studies is a messy and frustrating process. That's why we created KnowledgeHound Stories- an easier way to assemble data and insights from various sources into a single place to tell a story.

Stories has changed the way many of the world's best marketing organizations collaborate when exploring their existing research data together. And now, with the introduction of Public Stories, even greater visibility can be drawn to the topics and themes that matter most across your organization. By setting a story to Public, anyone inside your organization can search for and utilize the data you've assembled on a given topic or business issue with ease. 

With this powerful feature, a variety of new use cases for KnowledgeHound become possible. Here are just a few examples:

  • Develop an onboarding experience for customer research data: Want to make sure every new employee can access a curated set of key data points and insights about your customer? Add everything to a Public Story page that new colleagues can visit to familiarize themselves with the most critical research you've collected to date.
  • Assemble a single "source of truth" for common business questions: The answer to most business questions is complicated and always changing. For example, understanding what barriers exist to purchasing your product may require you to synthesize data from multiple places. And over time these barriers may change as your product, and the competitive market, evolve. With Public Stories, you can now create a single space to provide your team the most up to date research and perspective on common business questions your team has.
  • Drive even more impact with your foundational research: Trying to disseminate the findings from a key study such as a segmentation or brand health tracker can be quite a challenge these days. It's not enough to just develop a presentation of your findings and hope that your team uses the data thereafter. Instead, consider using Public Stories as a way to break up your research into essential topics/themes that can be discovered by your team when searching inside of KnowledgeHound for answers.

To learn more about how Public Stories can help your team, contact a member of our sales team today.

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