Join us at the Innovate Like a Startup Panel Discussion

KnowledgeHound, in partnership with The Garage Group, will be hosting a panel discussion at WeWork Fulton Market on how big companies can learn to innovate like a startup. The event will be held on October 5th at 6pm and those interested can register here!

Participating on the panel will be KnowledgeHound’s very own, Kristi Zuhlke, along with a few other innovation champions currently working inside some of today’s largest companies, including P&G and Abbott Labs.

Every large organization claims that innovation and growth is critical to their DNA, yet most are criticized for their lack of disruptive product launches and slow decision-making process. While many large companies struggle to get ahead, we are seeing a surge of entrepreneurial spirit and significant start-up activity in the industries that many brands compete in.

The killer question is this: how do large (vendor or client) companies keep up with the innovation and pace of startups, and how can they replicate the same creativity and rapid success within their organizations? Specifically, what is the role and responsibility of marketing, innovation, insights and business leaders for bringing these entrepreneurial approaches to our brands and industries? What are the new skills needed for leaders to think more entrepreneurially and to enable organizations to make decisions with more speed and agility?

We will be answering these questions and more in our “Innovate Like a Startup” panel discussion with our own Jason Hauer (Cofounder, The Garage Group), David VanHimbergen (CEO/Cofounder, P&G’s Tide Spin), Penny Wilson (Senior Leader, Abbott Labs IT Innovation Center) and Kristi Zuhlke (CEO & Founder, KnowledgeHound).

Can’t wait to see you at WeWork Fulton Market in Chicago, IL on Wednesday, October 5th at 6pm. Learn more and register here!