New Skills Required for the Modern Insights Professional

January 25, 2019
Brock Jones

Insights teams are changing, and quickly! Recently, we ran across a thought-provoking article by Mike Stevens, owner of Insights Platforms, that highlights the transformation taking place inside of many of today's top insights organizations. As the marketing organization evolves, so too does the required set of skills needed for any market research and analytics professional. 

Click here to read the full article. Many of the changes highlighted by Mike we also see taking place inside many of our own customers. Here are three takeaways from the article we couldn’t agree more with.

Strong communication skills = strong employee

Insight activation is the new dynamic: driving decision-making with succinct, engaging and actionable narrative.

Connecting the dots is key

Most progressive insight leaders take a similar line: you need to combine several sources and types of data if you want powerful commercial insight. 

Embrace New Technology

leading insight teams are investing in software platforms and hiring people to run them in-house.

For an even better understanding of the evolution taking place inside research and analytics teams, make sure to check out the full article. The times they are a’ changing!

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