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Our Favorite Feature Releases of 2019

January 23, 2020
Emily Coughlin

2019 was a wild ride for our product and engineering teams at KnowledgeHound. Our customer-obsessed geniuses cranked out so many great new product features. These marvelous app makeovers included features that are visible to everyday users as well as behind-the-scenes performance improvements.

So, to ease all that anxiety that has been building since midnight on Jan 1, 2020, here is our 2019 recap.


The focus on data was paramount in 2019. Our clients said they needed the ability to quickly tap into more complicated analytics on survey questions and we listened. Adding to the challenge of developing deeper analytic capabilities was maintaining core design principles: trustworthy, communicative and intuitive. The teams delivered in outstanding fashion.

  • Taming the tracker: We took the terror out of analyzing tracker surveys. It’s now easier than ever to glean insights from your tracker studies. Whether you run your tracker through a third party vendor every quarter, or bi-annually through a DIY platform like Qualtrics — KnowledgeHound has unlocked the true potential in your trackers. Communicating up-to-date key metrics with your organization has never been easier or more powerful. Perhaps it’s time to think about an alternative to that PowerPoint deck you re-do over and over. (check it out for yourself).
  • Categorical means: Automating this calculation on categorical data was a no brainer. For appropriate question types, we instantly calculate the mean and add a chart visual. This also applies to other demographics such as age, usage, gender, etc.
  • Stat testing: Since the beginning, stat testing was always done on the fly with the most recent data. This is incredibly beneficial when you’re trying to spot outliers or perhaps a storyline never seen before.
  • Analysis page redesign: Visually appealing, intuitive, easier now for the uninitiated or no-data-savvy user to instantly find insights. We continue to focus on making the analysis of data an enjoyable experience.  

DIY Platform Integrations

In early 2019, we were thrilled to announce the completion of our data integration with Qualtrics. Adding Qualtrics to the list along with SurveyMonkey, these data integrations enable researchers to have data automatically pushed into KnowledgeHound. Users are able to control and share insights more easily in our unlimited-user platform for data socialization. They are also able to integrate all of their DIY platform research alongside any other survey data such as vendor research. 

Knowledge Management Platform Partnerships

In keeping with the integration theme, KnowledgeHound officially announced partnerships with three amazing knowledge management platforms: Bloomfire, Lucy, and Northern Light. With each of these integrations, customers can bring KnowledgeHound on board to help them search and visualize the data directly within their knowledge management platform. Combining structured data alongside unstructured data furthermore helps enterprise organizations transform all of their customer data into decisions.

Self-Service Capabilities

Self-service and DIY have been trending year over year within the market research world and we certainly don’t want our customers to be left out! Our users needed the ability to move quickly, act independently and set things up in ways that best serves them inside KnowledgeHound. 

We met this need by releasing manager roles which enables certain users with the appropriate access level to upload studies, manage users, load files and customize colors and other app settings on their own. No more back and forth between you and customer success. When your files are ready, with a few clicks your data can come to life.

More to Come in 2020

We have more exciting releases and updates to come in 2020. You can expect to see us expand our DIY platform and knowledge management partners as we strive to provide our clients with a next-generation knowledge ecosystem that will always provide them with a data-driven advantage. Most notably, we’ll be continuing to focus on the data and unlocking its potential beyond what is available to you today!

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