Pulling data is a pain in the rear!

January 25, 2019
Brock Jones

It’s no secret that every person inside of a marketing organization, regardless of function, hates the current process for re-examining past consumer research. Everyone has their own unique frustrations and horror stories to tell when it comes to hunting down past data and, here at KnowledgeHound, we’ve heard A LOT of the complaints. See below for a few of the more common complaints we’ve run across from three key members inside your organization:

The General Manager: “We’ve done this before”

You’ve heard this one before right? Your team spends days or weeks working to pull together a recommendation for your GM on a certain business issue. When the GM asks if any of you have looked at the old research you all scratch your head, avoid eye contact, and collectively sit in silence.

General Managers often complain that they feel as if their organizations continue to try to solve the same problems over and over again … like they have corporate amnesia. A better Knowledge Management system can help you quickly assess what past consumer research you’ve done and how to apply it to the current situation at hand.

The Marketing Manager: “The data isn’t being delivered quickly enough”

So, it’s first thing Monday morning and the Marketing Director needs a summary pulled together on how the company is going to stop declining share on your brand. Oh, and he needs it by the end of today. So, like a crazy person, your brand/marketing manager scrambles over to the insights team desk and ask for a full data dump on every piece of research ever conducted on your brand. They want to know everything … from sales, to trial barriers, to category habits and practices etc. etc.

First off, let’s all give our brand/marketing managers a break. They don’t WANT to be so demanding … they’re just trying to keep up with the pace of business. And often times, they simply aren’t able to move fast enough because hunting down past data is taking too long. They need quick solutions that allow easy access and synthesis of past research and a Consumer Insight Manager as their partner in crime to tackle those big questions with all the data that they have.

The Consumer Insights Manager: “I’m focusing too much on data pulling not strategy”

“I got into market research so I could pull data points for my business partners” … said no one ever. There’s not a single person in Market Research who doesn’t feel at least some level of hatred towards the current process of hunting down and pulling data from an old study. I’ve heard numerous people claim that having to hunt down old data is their least favorite part of their job.

Market Researchers want to be able to focus on the big picture and drive new strategies through their strong understanding of the consumer. They need tools to help with quicker analysis and visualization of data so they can create compelling stories, which drive strategy and bring unique value to the company.

Everyone struggles with finding and using past research inside a large organization. It’s a common problem that effects every part of your organization in significant ways. With the technology available today, it should no longer be acceptable to waste hundreds of hours searching for and analyzing your past data. Our suggestion? Do all these folks a favor and think about upgrading your knowledge management system to something that actually solves the problem.

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