Amplify and Extend the Longevity of Your Survey Data

KnowledgeHound gives your team the ability to unify, search across, and analyze all of your survey data in one place.

KnowledgeHound's Supercharged Analytics Experience

With our all-new innovative analysis features, if you can dream it, you can do it! Our analytics solution grants you endless flexibility to define your base sizes and fully understand different groups and populations. Users can conduct statistical significance testing and adjust base sizes with ease and our smart chart builder means insights are visualized immediately, giving everyone at the company instant access to the information they need to make the best customer-focused decisions.

Gain Rapid, Reliable Insights and Save Time and Money

Your business moves fast, and so should your survey data analytics solution. You no longer have to spend hours digging through data sets to make data driven decisions. KnowledgeHound gives you speed to insight, allowing you to search, explore, visualize and uncover survey data and find data-backed answers to questions in seconds. Confidently make important decisions based on customer feedback in a fraction of the time, allowing you to focus on high level strategy and driving action.

Visualize Data Your Way

Slice and dice your data how you want to, the moment you need it.  With countless dimensions available to filter your data, you can make granular comparisons that will give you substantiated insights and competitive advantages. We transform survey files from a complicated and messy data-set into an easy to understand source of questions and answers that even the most novice analyst can confidently explore.  Our approachable data visualization solution automates complicated calculations and techniques specific to statistical analysis, empowering researches and non-researchers alike.  

Put it all together

Easily create powerful dashboards and stories from the research you load into KnowledgeHound. Highlight what matters most from each research project or connect the dots across all your survey data to reveal hidden connections and new insights.

A place for everything

Keep all your research files in one easily accessible, central library. Store and catalog relevant reports, questionnaires, stimuli, and media files alongside your survey data. Search for, preview, and download any file included in KnowledgeHound to get the context you need behind every study.

Make it yours

Import, Organize and Tag

KnowledgeHound makes it incredibly easy to organize and explore all your research data in one place. Instantly import data from your favorite platforms via our integrations or upload research from any third party research provider.

Eliminate silos and help anyone find the insights and answers they need from your all customer insights data.

Allow your team to easily filter and
explore relevant insights by creating a tagging structure for your studies that’s unique to your organization.

White labeling

Customize your KnowledgeHound portal to look and feel like your brand so it can fit seamlessly within your enterprise.

Worry Free Access control

KnowledgeHound makes data accessible across your organization, empowering decision makers to find the answers they need at the moment they need them. Our data democratization features give researchers confidence in knowing the right data is in the right hands by controlling how the data looks and who has access to it.  With our guardrails in place, you can feel assured that key stakeholders have access to the data they need to quickly and effectively make decisions.