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Help anyone discover the insights they need from your Qualtrics data.

Organize  the data you capture in Qualtrics alongside  reports, files and other research projects to give your team one place to explore all your customer insights.

Data-level search to find answers more quickly.

Instantly find and visualize any survey question you’ve ever asked your customers in Qualtrics with KnowledgeHound's data-driven search engine.  No need to know what project to look for, just type in your search and go!

Break down silos and integrate research outside of Qualtrics.

Create dashboards and stories that connect your Qualtrics data to insights and information captured outside of Qualtrics.

Socialize insights more easily while maintaining control.

Share your data across your organization without losing control. KnowledgeHound let's you easily control which members of your team have access to the insights, dashboards, and stories you create from your data.

Sharing insights with everyone shouldn't be expensive

Every KnowledgeHound account comes with unlimited users, making it incredibly easy and affordable to socialize insights with anyone you choose.